Service Selection

How to enable/disable individual services

Services provided by the chart

There are multiple services provided by the chart. They can be enabled/disabled as needed using helm values.

Production Services

Service Name Value Enabled by Default
SPIRE Server spire-server.enabled true
SPIRE Agent spire-agent.enabled true
SPIRE Controller Manager spire-server.spireControllerManager.enabled true
SPIFFE OIDC Discovery Provider spiffe-oidc-discovery-provider.enabled true
SPIFFE CSI Driver spiffe-csi-driver.enabled true

Experimental Services

Service Name Value Enabled by Default
Tornjak Frontend tornjak-frontend.enabled false
Tornjak Backend spire-server.tornjak.enabled false

Customization Examples

Example: Running the SPIRE Server Standalone:

your-values.yaml snippet:

  enabled: false
  enabled: false
  enabled: false